Diamond Creek Winery: The Darling of Napa

If you’ve followed us for a while or had any interaction with myself, Connal, before then you’ll be aware that we have long been proponents for North American wine. In terms of sales, the USA is just after Italy, and it has been this day since practically day one. Whenever a new shipment of legendary producers like Au Bon Climat or the like comes in they are sold in seconds. 

Today, we have got a very special producer to bring to your attention. This is one for the lovers of what makes Napa, Napa, or what makes Cabernet Sauvignon the king of red grapes. The esteemed producer is Diamond Creek. For many years Diamond Creek has been referenced by publishers such as Wine Spectator and the Wine Advocate as one of the superstar producers of Napa. The best part about Diamond Creek, however, is the fact that they are so small that they are often overlooked which is in our favour as it means that their prices aren’t as high as that of Screaming Eagle or the First Growths of Bordeaux despite their quality being at the same level. That isn’t to say they are cheap wines, they have a price tag that is the ‘very special’ category but we are saying that between a few friends you can manage to purchase and share a bottle without crying, Le Pin or Cheval Blanc on the other hand…

It was Al Brounstein who founded Diamond Creek when he purchased a bush-covered 20-acre plot of land in 1966. He had some top vines smuggled in from Bordeaux and well his gravelly soils have never been the same since. 

There are three distinct plots that are found on the Diamond Creek property with very different soils: Red Rock Terrace (high in iron), Volcanic Hill (that one is an obvious guess but volcanic ash is the answer), and Gravelly Meadow (this one is an even easier guess… gravel). Cabernet Sauvignon is king but there is a touch of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot that finds its way into the blend, all have their part to play along with the unique terroir to create these stunning wines.

“They have the finesse of truly great Bordeaux and the texture of truly great Burgundy” – Simon Kelly DWS.

Spoil yourself. These wines have six years age on them now and are starting to drink well but they also have another 30 odd years left in them so don’t sweat. They make a great house-warming or wedding gift, too.

However, this month you are incredibly lucky as we are offering 10% OFF the trio of Diamond Creek wines. Click HERE to see them all on the website, or use the links below.





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