Gut Oggau - New wave Austrian leaders!

Unlike most of Austria which dates back many a century, Gut Oggau are a fairly new project in the grand scheme of things. The very-much-in-love couple (both with each other and with wine) Stephanie and Eduard Tscheppe-Eselbock started up Gut Oggau in just 2007. Whilst they were just bright, young things their surroundings; the building, winery and vineyards they bought, were quite old. Their are walls that date back to the 17th century on the property!

Being of the new generation they have brought a younger mindset to the wines they are producing. This is shown brilliantly in their decision, from the outset, to cultivate all 13 hectares of vineyards both organically and biodynamically. This minimal intervention mindset has translated well in the winery, as well, where they will bottle with minimal sulphur, as well as restraining from fining or filtering the wines. The idea being to produce as 'pure' as wines as possible to showcase the terroir and grapes in their best form. This also shows well in the bottle as very little obvious oak is found in any of the reds as only large old oak is used.

Not only are the wines themselves brilliant (more about those below) but their labels are just stunning. Each wine is given a face and personality which is reflected in the wines themselves. We have three generations at play: The Children: juicy and fruit forward for younger drinking, The Parents: more distinctive, complex and developed, The Grandparents: very quiet initially with a slow crescendo before they show off all their brilliances and complexities. The labels are created by the fantastic Jung von Matt, a German graphic designer.

As for the wines: well we have put the family to test and love each and every one of them - for different reasons. They have really brought a whole new standard for the wine world to aspire to, not just the younger generation nor the winemakers of Austria, but the world as a whole. You simply cannot doubt that the wines are made to their philosophy of 'pure' products. Each wines is as brilliant as it is unique to the rest of the family. The Emmeram is a refreshing take on Gewurztraminer with delicate florals and a real spiciness to it, the Timotheus is a skin-contact produced Gruner Veltliner which is one of the most enjoyable wines I've ever tasted. The Josephine is a sly and saucy lady of a wine with a true abundance of fruit character. The Bertholdi (gramps) is a true iron fist in a velvet globe; true complexity with layer upon layer of flavour.

Yes, another winery you need to go check out! Have a browse of their brilliance right here!



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