New goodies arriving soon

Hey all!

We wanted to give you a heads up on a few products that are on their way to NZ - many for the very first time ever. Earlier this year the crazy guys over at Off-Broadway Beverages started to import a wide range of the best wines from New York State into NZ. This was/is a momentous feat as not many people have even heard of New York State in reference to wine production before - wine drinking and imbibing for sure, but not actual production. The reception has been extremely positive and we've tasted all of the wines here too - and we concur with everyone else. We were actually shocked at just how good the wines were; and have been trying to spread the NY gospel ever since.

We are currently the only place were you can find all of the NY wines available in NZ, and are very proud of this fact! 

There is a new shipment due in to our docks in a few weeks too. This will be purely be from Long Island wineries: Channing Daughters and Wolffer Estate. The former being the king of white wines (blends in particular), and the latter: the kings and queens of rose. In fact Wolffer Estate produce rose everything - 5 different straight roses, a sparkling rose, rose vinegar and even produce a rose cider - and now a rose gin!! The best part is that they are all incredibly fantastic products.

So, what is on board?

From Channing Daughters; there will be more of the fantastic VerVino Vermouths (which have been selling out like crazy!), and an incredibly summer-orientated white: Tocai Friulano, along with a BBQ friendly red: Blaufrankisch. 

From Wolffer Estate; we have our got our hands on all of the 3 cases that NZ was allowed of the Summer in a Bottle Rose. The bottle is soooooo beautiful!! And we hear that the contents is just stunning too. This one will sell out pretty quickly for sure!

We also have their Finca Rose - the first rose they have produced from their Argentina vineyard. It is also Argentina's first dry rose to ever be produced. AND Long Island's best dry Riesling produced from Grapes of Roth Estate.

So keep an eye for these guys. We are expecting them here by about the 27th of Sept (possibly earlier).




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