Champagne Gimonnet - 'Gastronome' 2012

Food Friendly Fizz!
  • Champagne Gimonnet - 'Gastronome' 2012

Champagne Gimonnet - 'Gastronome' 2012

Food Friendly Fizz!

 Champagne - France

 Methode Traditionelle


"A fascinating and very modern take on Champagne that Gimonnet released just a couple of years ago for the very first time. It is made in the exact same way as all the rest of their Champagnes but it made to have less atmospheres in the bottle essentially giving the resulting wine a softer less aggressive mousse and bead (bubbles) to make it more palatable and (even) better matched with food. I find this has also got more lively peach and dried orange peel notes, too."

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Sparkling wines are versatile when it comes to food matching. Lighter and more aromatic sparkling wines are best with spicier foods, where richer and more complex bottle-fermented sparkling wines are best with richer foods.

Overall, they are perfect accompanied by:

Hard and Soft Cheeses

Fresh Vegetables

Fish and Shellfish

White Meat e.g. Chicken and Turkey