Hummel - Harslevelu 2016

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  • Hummel - Harslevelu 2016

Hummel - Harslevelu 2016

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 Villany - Hungary

 Dry White


"This is a fantastic wine made from a grape you've never heard of. Harslevelu is a white grape that is native to Hungary (but has spread to a few other countries) and is also known as 'Linden Leaf' because it represents the dried fruitiness of the linden leaf smell. A touch of musk, lime leaf and flower, yellow peach, dried mango and baked apples on the nose. This wine has spent a decent amount of time, for a white, on skins and with lees. It has texture because of this and a bit of a hue but hardly an orange wine nor does it have gritty tannins. It is textural without being overwhelming. An interesting and exciting wine, no question."


Dry Whites are very versatile and are best suited to foods that are higher in acidity (vinaigrettes etc.) or in fat – the natural acidity in the wines will cut through the foods.

They are perfect accompanied by:

Fresh and Roasted Vegetables

Starch-rich foods

Fish and Shellfish