Marichal - Chardonnay 2016

  • Marichal - Chardonnay 2016

Marichal - Chardonnay 2016


 Canelones - Uruguay

Dry White


"This Chardonnay doesn't see oak nor does it go through malolactic fermentation, so this is Chardonnay at its purest expression. It has a citrus filled nose with grapefruit and lemon pith dominating, which soon gives way to a wave of tropical fruit flavours. The acidity is high and refreshing - which I love! It makes a nice change to many over-oaked Chardonnays in the new world."


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Customer Reviews

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Dry Whites are very versatile and are best suited to foods that are higher in acidity (vinaigrettes etc.) or in fat – the natural acidity in the wines will cut through the foods.

They are perfect accompanied by:

Fresh and Roasted Vegetables

Starch-rich foods

Fish and Shellfish