Mas Candi - 'Pecat' Malvasia 500ml

  • Mas Candi - 'Pecat' Malvasia 500ml

Mas Candi - 'Pecat' Malvasia 500ml


 Penedes - Spain

 Sweet - Botrytis

 Malvasia Blanca

"A really delicate sweet wine that is made from Malvasia up in the northeast of Spain but with German collaboration (to perfect the Botrytis sweet wine style). In the glass, the flavours just jump out at you with candied lemons, orange blossom and yellow peaches amongst the first. As it opens up a raft of orange and yellow stone and citrus fruit flavours appear as well as some gorgeous and ripe tropical fruit flavours. Delicious!"

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Sweet wines are surprisingly versatile when it comes to food pairing.

They are perfect accompanied by:

Soft and Blue Cheeses

Starch-rich foods

Cured Meats – less spiced

Foie Gras