Masi - 'Passo Doble' Malbec 2011

  • Masi - 'Passo Doble' Malbec 2011

Masi - 'Passo Doble' Malbec 2011


 Mendoza - Argentina


 Malbec and Corvina

"A take on the Ripasso method just with both Malbec and (semi-dried) Corvina grapes from Argentina. It has dried blackberry, candied blackcurrants and a touch of sweet spices and milk chocolate on the nose. As you would expect the tannins are high but soft and silky. Black fruit jam and dried red berries flesh out the texture on the palate. "

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Full-bodied reds are best suited to rich foods that are full of flavour.

They are perfect accompanied by:

Hard Cheeses

Red Meat

Cured Meats

Game e.g. Venison, Veal