Punset - Barbaresco 'Campoquadro' 2009

  • Punset - Barbaresco 'Campoquadro' 2009

Punset - Barbaresco 'Campoquadro' 2009





"Elegant and structured Intense color, wide and complex aroma that accompanies mild side and even floral aromas, with spices, chocolate, butter: is a continuous evolution towards a very intriguing olfactory heritage which is just a preamble to the pleasant taste. Extremely complex is a wine that already in the first years of life is very affable, while boasting a remarkable longevity."

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Full-bodied reds are best suited to rich foods that are full of flavour.

They are perfect accompanied by:

Hard Cheeses

Red Meat

Cured Meats

Game e.g. Venison, Veal