R.H. Coutier - 'Tradition' Brut NV

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  • R.H. Coutier - 'Tradition' Brut NV

R.H. Coutier - 'Tradition' Brut NV

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 Champagne - France

 Methode Traditionelle

  Pinot Noir (62%) and Chardonnay (38%) 

"A robust Champagne that isn't afraid of letting you now who is boss. It has a clear nose of yellow peach, apricot skin and shortbread. As it opens up it posses a delicateness and a hint of candied fruits and almond nougat notes arise from the glass."

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Sparkling wines are versatile when it comes to food matching. Lighter and more aromatic sparkling wines are best with spicier foods, where richer and more complex bottle-fermented sparkling wines are best with richer foods.

Overall, they are perfect accompanied by:

Hard and Soft Cheeses

Fresh Vegetables

Fish and Shellfish

White Meat e.g. Chicken and Turkey