About us

Our Motto

The Cellar exists as a platform to bring together people who love wine and have a thirst for something new. We are happy to be able provide our customers with a range unlike any other on the NZ market. Our selection is most likely filled with wines and brands that you haven't heard of before - DON'T BE AFRAID - you can rest assured that we have done our homework and have a range that showcases only the top and most respected wineries from around the globe. What's more our selection is constantly expanding. 

So, who are we and what do we do? 

The Cellar is a project that started as a "wouldn't that be nice" concept over discussions with a few friends in the wine trade. For most people the mere thought of bringing together one of the world's largest collections of free information on wine and a large range of wines to match is a task too daunting to start. Yet it was a challenge accepted by the man behind the idea in the first place who has silently worked on bringing it all together. This website is the result.

The idea stemmed from frustration at the range of international wines readily available to customers in NZ and the lack of information both in the customer body people selling the wines to you. There is too much focus on discounts and pricing of wine with very little time spent talking about the wines themselves. We are constantly looking for new wines and meeting great winemakers to give you a selection of wines worth talking about.

We encourage you to use our information and selection to find wines/grapes/styles that you already know and like, then build on that to guide your own personal global wine journey. For example: Like Pinot Noir? Why not try one from New York - now you've tried a wine from a whole new country. Then you can try a Riesling from New York then one from Germany. Then you find you quite like German Rieslings, why not try an Austrian Riesling? Before you know it you've tried a bunch of wines from multiple countries.

The Cellar would be nothing without the help and support from a select group of smaller importers. Too often on the NZ market are the interesting wines found only in top-end restaurants - which is tough for people who want to try new and great wines at home (without the often pricey restaurant prices)! The Cellar is putting an end to this, and creating a connection never before found on the NZ market. We are creating a link between these wonderful wines and YOU. Because the customer should always be put first AND these wines should always be there for you. Why? Because they are great wines. With our help you can shake up your everyday drinking by exploring the world. We can bring Sicily to your lounge, New York to your dining table and Champagne to your Friday night - and everywhere in between.


All the best - the team at The Cellar