Common aromas of Arneis are: Almonds, Green Apple, Pear, Yellow Peach and Lemon


Arneis is a white grape variety from Northern Italy. It is planted in the region of Piemonte, specifically in the sub-regions of: Roero and across the Langhe.

It was long thought of being a minor-grape capable of producing mediocre wines as a single variety. This mindset has been turned on its head in recent years and some stunning examples are being produced throughout Roero and further abroad.

As a grape, it is best suited to cool climates and chalky soils. Historically it was only ever grown in Roero DOCG of Piemonte. Though Australia and New Zealand both have commercial plantings of Arneis thanks to a small but steady growth in popularity in Arneis’ potential. 

The best examples of Arneis have low-medium acidity and a medium body. Typical aromas of Arneis are almonds, apples, white pear and yellow peaches. With age, Arneis develops flavours of licorice and yellow florals. Though these wines are best drunk in the first five years of their lives.

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