Classic aromas of Barbera are: Raspberry, Red Cherry, Red Plum and Vanilla


Barbera is a red grape variety that hails from the north of Italy. It is one of the ‘Piemonte Three’, a trio of red grapes that make the most famous wines in the region of Piemonte, the other two being Nebbiolo and Dolcetto.

Barbera was first mentioned near the end of the 18th century which links its importance to the region of Piemonte. Here it is particularly important making up more than 60% of the regions total vineyard area, it also it the third most planted red grape in Italy.

In Piemonte, Barbera makes up the famous single varietal wines of: Barbera d’Asti DOCG, Barbera d’Alba and Barbera di Monferrato DOC. It is also the base of many of the region’s generic red wine blends. 

Barbera produces wines that are soft, medium bodied with medium-high acidities. This high acidity, as well as the bright red fruit flavours, help to give Barbera popularity as a red grape throughout the drinking-calendar. Barbera, as a single varietal wine, makes two styles; a fruit-forward, drink young style, and a more serious, riper fruit and oak aged wine. The fruit-forward styles accentuate Barbera’s red cherry and raspberry flavours. The more serious styles will often have more red plum, wild strawberry flavours along with oak flavours of vanilla, baking spice and dried fruit.

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