Common aromas of Blaufrankisch are: Vanilla Beans, Raspberry, Red Cherry, Blackberry and Blueberry. 


Blaufrankisch is a red grape from Hungary. It is historically home from Hungary though has found more of a home in Austria’s vineyard scene. In Austria it is the second most planted red grape across the countries total.

As a grape it is best produced in a dry, warm climate. This explains the popularity of it in the fields, and mountain-sides, of south-east Austria and Hungary. It is also planted across Germany and in New York. In New York it is often called by its alias: Lemberger (yes, also the name of a stinky cheese). 

The best examples of Blaufrankisch are full bodied reds with smooth tannins. The key aromas centre around the black and red berry spectrum, with blackberry, blueberry and wild raspberries at the forefront. Dried red cherries, spice and savoury elements are brought out if the wines spend time in oak during the maturation process.

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