Classic aromas of Canaiolo are: Blackberry, Black Plum and Blackcurrants


Canaiolo is a red grape varietal from Italy. It is largely used as a blending grape to soften out the Sangiovese-based wines of Chianti. It is largely planted in the region of Tuscany where the wines of Chianti are produced, and it has been here since as early as 1303. 

It was once considered to be ‘one of the best red grapes in Tuscany’ as claimed by Soderini a famous agronomist of the day. In fact it was always more popular and favoured over Sangiovese in Tuscany until the 18th century. Which is the very opposite to how it is today. Now Canaiolo can only make up 20% of the Chianti blend with Sangiovese making up at least 60-70% of the blend. There is currently 2,760ha of Canaiolo spread across Italy with the majority in Tuscany but some smaller plantings in Umbria and Marche regions.

Canaiolo produces wines that are both medium in acidity, tannins and body. It has smooth and velvet-like tannins which help to soften out the often harsher tannins provided by Sangiovese in the Chianti blend. Canaiolo gives flavours of blackberry, blackcurrants and black plums.

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