Classic aromas of Carricante are: Yellow Peach, Grapefruit, Orange and White Peach


Carricante is a white grape varietal lucky enough to call Sicily its home. Carricante has a long past in Italy’s Sicily, first being mentioned on record in 1774. The documents was of instructions for vintners producing wines on Mount Etna to leave Carricante wines on their lees to help reduce the often harsh natural acidity. Italy is the sole home of Carricante with a mere 264ha across Italy, the majority of which is found in Sicily.

Carricante is ‘the’ white of Mount Etna’s vineyards largely in the province of Catania. In the white blends produced here Carricante must make up at least 60%, where it is blended with Catarratto, Inzolia or Minella. Though there are a few producers whom make 100% Carricante whites.

At its best, Carricante will give wines with grapefruit, orange, yellow peach and white stone-fruit flavours. It has a high acidity that helps to keep the wines refreshing as well as giving them the structure for mid-long term ageing.

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