Classic aromas of Chasselas are: Green Apple, Lemon, White Florals and Honeycomb


Chasselas is a very old white grape variety that has long history across the vineyards of Europe. It was first mentioned in 1539 in a diary of a German botanist, Hieronymus Bock, who mentioned the noble nature of the grape and its wines.

It now predominates the vineyards of Switzerland where it is the most planted grape with 4,013ha in total. The best examples are produced in the regions of Vaud and Valais, and can be akin to the great wines of Burgundy. It has a great ability to reflect the place (French word: terroir) that it is grown in. On granite soils it will often have higher acidity with floral aromas at the forefront, whilst chalk soils give honeyed fruit aromas and clay gives mineral-smoke aromas.

Though planted en masse outside of its home in Switzerland this is mainly as an eating grape – often made into raisins.

The best wines of Chasselas have a medium acidity and body. They have aromas of honeysuckle, baked lemon, mineral smoke, green apples.

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