Classic aromas of Corvina are Red Cherry, Raspberry, Red Plums and Bitter Almonds


Corvina makes a marriage with Rondinella and Molinara to create the great red wines of the Valpolicella region in northeastern Italy. Corvina is one of the oldest grapes of the region of Verona in northeast Italy and was first mentioned in the 1627 in official records. Its full name of 'Corvina Veronese' was first mentioned as an appearance in the region of Valpolicella (then spelt Val Pullicella). The most interesting relative to Corvina is its relation to the other northeastern Italian grape varietal: Marzemino, to which Corvina is a grandchild.

Corvina is quite a late ripening grape varietal and it is for this reason that it is said to give the wines of Valpolicella; aromatics and ripe tannins. Out of the three grapes, Corvina is regarded to be the most important and makes up to 40-80% of the Valpolicella blend. This is also reflected in the large plantings of Corvina, now up to 4,870ha across italy.

Corvina brings about a light body though medium tannins and acidity. It has hallmark flavours and aromas of sour cherry, red plums, raspberry and bitter almonds.


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