The finish or length of a wine refers to how long the flavour and other sensations remain on your palate after you have spat or swallowed the wine. The finish is a good indicator of the quality of the wine, and if the wine is in balance.

A wine that is balanced will have a longer finish due to the harmony of the sensations and flavours coming together.


Short Finish – a short finish is one that only lasts a few seconds. Basic quality wines will have short finishes with the flavours and other sensations disappearing very quickly after you swallow.


Long Finish – good quality wines will all have long finishes where the flavour and sensation of the wine seems to hang around for moments on end. Most good-great quality wines will have a finish that lasts for 15-45 seconds after you swallow. A fine wine, and often mature wine, will have a finish that can last up to a minute or two. Sweet wines will often have longer finishes as well, which can last up to four-five minutes.