Floral aromas are quite simply any flower that you can smell in a wine. The most common types of floral aromas that appear in white wines are: Honeysuckle, Elderflower, Citrus Blossom, White Rose and Acacia. Floral aromas appear in red wines too: Red Rose, Lavender and Violets, being the most common.

Floral aromas like these are most common in the most aromatic white wine grapes such as: Viognier, Gewurztraminer and Muscat. Many other grapes will have floral aromas in minor amounts but will almost always be a primary aroma/taste – one that is around for the first two-three years of a wine but disappear with maturity. With Viognier etc., floral aromas are key points of their grapes make-up and will develop into their maturity.