Classic aromas of Furmint are: Apricots, Oranges, Yellow Peach, Yellow Nectarine, Cinnamon and Almonds


Furmint is a white grape variety from the Tokaj region in Hungary. It is still almost exclusively planted here making the famous sweet wines labelled Tokaji.

It is a very old grape variety first being mentioned in 1571 in Tokaji vineyard documents. Though it does make some incredible dry white wines it is the leading grape behind the legendary sweet wines of Tokaji. These wines are produced through Botrytis development. Furmint has a naturally high acidity which makes it an ideal candidate for sweet wine production as it has the acidity to cut through the sugar sweetness as well as helping age ability.

It does produce some incredible dry white wines, too. Though these wines rarely see the export markets. They do, however, have bright flavours of yellow peach and nectarine with lime peel and pears.

The sweet wines of Tokaji are characterised by their flavours of apricots, honeycomb, almonds, candied orange and cinnamon. With age (and they can age for many decades, or centuries) they will develop more chocolate, coffee, tea-leaf and baking spice flavours too.

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