Classic aromas of Garganega are: Lemon, Red Apple, Orange and Almonds


Garganega is an ancient white grape varietal of Italy first mentioned as early as the 13th century. It has always found its home in the Veneto region of northeast Italy proved by the fact that it has DNA links to the other leading grape varietals of the region. Interestingly enough it is the parent to the red grape: Susumaniello of southern Italy, and has links to a few Sicilian white grapes as well.

Soave is the region in the Veneto that is home to Garganega as we know it. Here it famously makes the crisp dry whites of Soave DOC. Garganega is often blended with Trebbiano di Soave to help give the wines body, yet Garganega will often be the bulk of the blend.

It is also known as Grecanico – largely in Sicily and around the south of Italy. Across Italy there is 11,637ha of Garganega.

The only other country to have Garganega vines planted at this point is Australia. Politini wines of Victoria first planted a few vines in around 2005.

Garganega produces wines that are medium-full bodied with a refreshing acidity. It has wonderful aromas of lemon pith, almonds, pears, red apple juice and orange zest. It is often aged in stainless steel to help keep the fruity flavours dominant in the wine though it has been shown to produce complex, nutty and age-worthy wines when aged in oak.

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