Graciano/Bovale Sardo

Classic aromas of Graciano are: Black Plum, Black Cherries, Blackberry and Red Plum


Graciano is a red grape varietal that hails from Europe. In Spain where it is argued to have originated it is called Graciano, whereas in Italy it is thought to have come from southern Italy and is called Bovale Sardo. Either way it has been around for at least the last 300 years across these countries.

Graciano is best known for its contribution to the red blends of Rioja in northwest Spain. It lends a freshness, acidity and red floral aromas. In total there is 1,478ha across Spain wit the majority in the Rioja.

In Italy it is most important on the island of Sardinia. Here it goes by the name Bovale Sardo or Cagnulari. Like in Spain here it is largely used in blends with other local grapes such as Cannonau. The best example of a Bovale Sardo based blend is the Korem by Argiolas.

There are also significant plantings in Portugal, California and Australia.

Graciano produces wines that are soft and aromatic with medium-full bodies. It gives off black cherries, raspberries, black plums and red rose.

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