Over the last couple of decades there has been a revolt of quality-focused winemakers taking to the vineyards and cellars of ancient Israel. It is these wine-minded fellow that have helped to shape Israel into a hub of, now, fantastic wines. Most may ask whether it is all kosher – indeed most is – though many of the top wines aren’t and are produced in small quantities that are sucked up by Israel’s top restaurants. The wines of Israel are rarely exported and when they are they often seem expensive, unreasonably-so, which is due to such high domestic demand for local wine.


Main Grapes or styles

The leading wines of Israel are made in the shadow of California and France’s top wine regions. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon being the most important red grapes, and Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc being the leading white grapes.


Main Regions

There are two leading regions that have near-monopoly of the countries vineyards. These being the Judean Hills and Upper Galilee. The leading wineries are Yarden, Castel, Dalton and Margalit.


Climate and its effect on the wines made here

Like most of the countries in the middle-east or far eastern Europe, Israel has a very warm climate. This leads to vineyards needing to be planted at some altitude in order to retain a level of acidity that would otherwise be lacking.