Classic aromas of Lagrein are: Boysenberry, Red Plum, Red Cherry, Raspberry, Prunes and Chocolate


Lagrein is a red grape variety from Italy. It is believed be originally a Greek grape though. It was produced from Teroldego, it is a cousin to Syrah and a grandchild of Pinot Noir.

It needs a warm climate to fully ripen and mature and is mainly cultivated in the regions of Alto Adige and Trentino in the north-east of Italy. Here it makes varietal wines as well as blends with another local red grape: Schiava

Lagrein produces wines that are full bodied with medium tannins and acidity. It will be aged both in and out of oak. The fruit forward (sans oak) style has more red cherry, red plum and raspberry flavours with boysenberry and blackcurrant flavours developing with maturity. The oaked examples will have dark chocolate, black plums and prune flavours as it develops.

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