Malvasia Blanca

Classic aromas of Malvasia are: Orange, Lemon, Yellow Nectarine and Honeycomb


Malvasia Blanca (Branca) is the king of the white Malvasia family that comes from Greece. There are many different clones of Malvasia in this family but Malvasia Blanca, also known as Malvasia Fina, is regarded as the highest quality clone.

Malvasia is planted around the south of Spain, south of France, Greece but is mostly planted in Portugal. In Portugal it makes anything from dry whites to sweet wines to the fantastic fortified wines of Madeira.

As a dry wine, Malvasia Blanca makes wines that have a high acidity and light body. They are refreshing with aromas of orange, lemon zest, yellow nectarine and yellow plums. The sweet wines will have dried apricot, honeycomb and candied orange peel aromas. Maderia made from Malvasia will have a smoky, treacle flavour to it.

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