Classic aromas of Mouvedre/Monastrell are: Blackberry, Black Currants, Black Plum, Gingerbread and Leather


Mouvedre, also known as Monastrell, is a red grape variety from Spain. It is a grape that has taken home in France en masse but is historically home in Spain. It was first mentioned in 1460 in Valencia, Spain. It is also known as Mataro in Australia and northern Spain.

France has 9,363ha, most of which are in Provence and spread across the Languedoc-Roussillon. Thanks to global warming and a rise in popularity Mouvedre plantings have dramatically increased, it was sitting at just 517ha fifty years ago. The clear home for Mouvedre, as a single grape, is Bandol in the greater region of Provence. Mouvedre is also used in the ‘GSM’ blends of the southern Rhone valley and is one of the grapes in the famous Chateauneuf-du-Pape blend.

Spain, its historical home, has 63,244ha and it is the 4th most planted red grape in the country. It is mainly planted in the central and south-eastern regions. It is particularly impressive in Yecla, Jumilla and Alicante.

Along with other Rhone grapes it has found a niche home in California thanks to the Rhone rangers – who planted it across Santa Barbara County and San Luis Obispo county in the 1980s. It currently makes up 380ha. The classic GSM blends with Mouvedre (often called Mataro) are a staple of Australia’s red wine output.

Mouvedre produces wines that are both high in alcohol and tannins with a full body. The wines are filled with black fruit flavours. Blackberries, black currants, plums and blueberry jam flavours. With age it shall develop flavours of gingerbread, dried meat and leather.

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