Classic aromas of Nasco are: Orange, Lemon, Yellow Peach, Mango and Honeycomb


Nasco is a white grape varietal that comes from the island of Sardinia of Italy. Nasco, or Nuscu, is Italian for musk – which is a trait that is attributed to older examples of wines made from Nasco, or very ripe grapes.

Till this day, Nasco is still solely planted on the island of Sardinia. Here it is found in the sub-regions of Cagliari and Oristano. There is a DOC qualification for single varietal wines made from Nasco in the Nasco di Cagliari DOC.

Nasco is capable of producing fantastic dry, sweet and fortified wines. It produces wines that have aromas of ripe oranges, mandarin peel, lemon pith, mango and yellow peach. Sweet wines will have highlights of honey and dried apricots.

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