Classic aromas of Pignoletto are: Lime, Red Apple, Lemon and White Peach


Pignoletto is an ancient white grape varietal from Emilia-Romagna in central north Italy. Believed to have been planted here since 1654. It is also commonly known as Grechetto in the south of Italy.

Pignoletto is predominately grown in the regions of Umbria, Marche and Lazio, all of which lie in the central or eastern parts of Italy. It is perhaps best known in the zippy, citrusy white wines of Orvieto in Lazio – here known as Grechetto. There is a total of 6,790ha of Pignoletto spread across all of these regions and in smaller numbers in Tuscany.

Pignoletto is capable of producing refreshing white wines that are based on white fruit and citrus fruit flavours. Lemons and limes predominate with red apple skin and white peach flavours when particularly ripe.

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