Classic aromas of Rieslaner are: Pink and Yellow Grapefruit, Lemon and Yellow Peach


Rieslaner isn’t a very well known grape varietal which makes sense as there is a mere 87ha of the stuff worldwide. It is a crossing of the two better known grapes: Silvaner and Riesling. As you can possibly guess it is a German grape varietal, crossed in 1921 by August Ziegler.

It has yet to cross the German border and all of the 87ha resides across three of its more prestigious wine producing regions. The Pfalz is at the forefront with one producer in particular showcasing the immense potential of this grape varietal – the producer being: Muller Catoir.

The best examples of Rieslaner, both sweet and dry, can showcase flavours of yellow peach, pink grapefruit, baked lemons and tangelos. Rieslaner has a fuller body than Riesling but the same zippy acidity.

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