Classic aromas of Rkatsiteli are: White Peach, Red Apple, Lemon and Almonds


Rkatsiteli is regarded as the oldest grape variety known to man. It a white grape variety that has origins in Georgia dating back centuries. Ancient seeds found in Georgia that date back to 3000BC are believed to be those of the Rkatsiteli vine.

It is the most important grape in Georgia with a total of 19,503ha. Here it makes both white and orange wines – though orange wines are much more common and traditional.

It is also important throughout the Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia and Russia. It is of particular importance to note that New York State has small plantings of it – introduced by Dr Konstantin Frank in the 1960s.

Rkatsiteli produces wines with a moderate-high acidity and a medium body. They typically have aromas of white peach, baked apples, lemons and almonds.

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