Classic aromas of Rondinella are Black Cherry, Black Plum, Licorice and Boysenberry


Rondinella makes up the famous blend of the red wines of Valpolicella in northeastern Italy, alongside with Corvina and Molinara.

Though Rondinella is more important than Molinara, it still has a way to go on Corvina. Legally Rondinella is allowed to make a maximum of 30% in the Valpolicella blend. It is also most important in the Amarone della Valpolicella and Recioto della Valpolicella as it has a high resistance to fungal diseases making it advantageous for drying out to concentrate both sugars and flavours.

Rondinella, itself, produces wines that are fuller in body and medium in both tannin and acidity. It has darker fruit flavours with black plum, licorice and black cherry being classic aromas to this very fruity grape varietal.


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