Classic aromas of Schiava are Strawberry, Wild Raspberry, Red Cherry and Red Plums


Schiava, or Schiava Grossa, is a red grape varietal which heads a small family of Schiava grape varietals. Each of these are genetically linked but slightly different, instead of just being different clones to each other, and all of which come from Schiava Grossa which has historically been placed in the Alto-Adige region of northern Italy.

Schiava in one of the few red grape varietals that can not only survive in cold alpine conditions but actually strives in them. Many red grapes struggle to get the ripeness needed to form sugars to ferment and to ripen their tannins, yet Schiava does so beautifully in these cooler climates. The regions in which Schiava is allowed to be grown in are: Trentino-Alto Adige, Alto-Adige, Caldaro, Casteller and Valtellina (which is close to the Swiss Alps). Further inland, Schiava is also planted in the region of Lombardia, where it is known as Bressana.

Schiava has travelled well across the globe turning up in some of the strangest places. All of these regions have one key feature in common: the chill. Germany has Schiava under the name of Trollinger, Japan too, but most strangely: in the gardens of Hampton Court Palace in England.

The wines made of Schiava are clear and fruit forward. Red cherry, strawberry, red plums and currants fill the aromatic profile of this stunning grape varietal. The best examples will have just a kiss of oak as well as beautiful red rose and violet notes too. The acidity retained on the palate works wonderfully with the light, soft tannins. It is a red to enjoy younger and in summer, but a red to try if nothing else.


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