The Cellar TV

Hello all! Welcome to our new and exciting project: The Cellar TV. 

The idea behind this project came to us a while back and now it is finally in motion. We are using our experience and knowledge to bring you a range of videos to help you along your wine journey. We are just starting out but we are constantly adding in more content as the weeks go by. The best way to see all the videos is directly on Youtube (the link to our channel is up the top of this website - just click on the Youtube logo!)

We started off with just the 'Wine Grapes in a Minute' series but have since added in a few in-depth 'Instant Wine Expert' videos as well as numerous tasting note videos.

We would absolutely love for you to spread the word - as education deserves to be free and well wine education is fun. Grab a glass and let's learn!

Here is a little intro to The Cellar TV



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