Tinta Barocca

Classic aromas of Tinta Barocca are: Black Cherries, Blackberry and Black Plum


Tinta Barocca, which means ‘black baroque’, has long been prized for its intensely dark red colour. It is has long been grown in the Douro Valley of Portugal for its fortified wines: Port – which is where it still primarily resides.

There is a small outcrop in South Africa where it is also being used for fortified wines made in a Port-style.

Though it is rarely unseen outside of the Douro Valley, or more specifically outside of Port production, it does produce fantastic single varietal ‘table’ wines. It gives a full body and high alcohol content whilst having smooth and sensual tannins. It often gives aromas of black cherry, black plum and blackberry. When it is blended with other grapes from the Douro, such as Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca and Touriga Nacional, it helps to add body, colour and deep plummy flavours.

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