Classic aromas of Tintore are: Black Plum, Prune, Blackberry and Licorice


Tintore is a red grape varietal rarely found but when it is, it is found in its historical home of Campania in southern Italy. Tintore roughly translates to ‘dyer’ referring to its deep red colour.

Like many very rare Italian grape varietals they will often be planted in and around just one very small region or town. In Tintore’s case Tramonti in the Amalfi Coast is the town. Many of the vines are ancient with no idea exactly how long they have been there. The best examples of Tintore are found as blends under the Costa d’Amalfi DOC. In total there is a mere 10ha of Tintore in existence.

Tintore will give wines that are medium bodied with medium tannins and high acidity. It expresses flavours of mulberry, dark plums, blackberry jam and prunes. There is often a real savoury and peppery tone to these wines as well. The tannins and acidity structures ensure Tintore’s age ability.

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