Tocai Friulano

Classic aromas of Tocai Friulano are: Lime, White Peach, Lemon, Green Apple and Almonds


Tocai Friulano is a white grape variety from the Bordeaux region in France. In France it is called ‘Sauvignonasse’, was long-confused with Sauvignon Blanc in Chile, but has its home in north-eastern Italy.

Tocai Friulano found its way to the Friuli region of north-eastern Italy in the early parts of the 19th century. Since then it has been producing everything from dry to sweet wines. In total there are 4,698ha spread across this region.

Outside of Italy, there are still very small plantings in Bordeaux. Chile, Slovenia, Argentina and New York also have small plantings.

Tocai Friulano produes wines that are medium-full body whites with high acidities. Flavours revolve around white and yellow florals, apples, gooseberry, white peach and almond flavours. The ripest examples also have a refreshing lemon and lime aroma.

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