Classic aromas of Trajadura are: White Peach, Green Apple, Lime Juice and Green Pear


Trajadura is a white grape varietal of northern Portugal. You may be more familiar with it from it’s Spanish plantings around the Galicia region where it is known as Treixadura. No one is quite sure exactly where Trajadura has originated from as it has been in both of these regions for quite some time.

In Portugal, it is best known as the blending partner to the greater white grape of Loureiro in the Minho region. Best known of course for it’s zingy and crisp white wines made in the Vinho Verde sub-region. In this region alone, Trajadura makes up over 1,400 ha which is sadly a decline from over 2,200ha in the early 2000s. This is due to more winemakers preferring to bulk up the blend or make a single varietal Vinho Verde many exclusively from Loureiro.

In Spain, however, it is going up in plantings form 600ha in 2004 to now over 840ha. The principal area of planting is in the Galicia region of Ribeiro DO, though it can be found in small amounts in Rias Baixas, where it is allowed to blending with Albarino.

Trajadura produces crisp white wines that are known for their; high acidity, low alcohol and highly perfumed nose. You will often find green pear, apple, white peach and nectarines as well as apricot flower and gardenia.


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