Classic aromas of Trebbiano are: Lime, Green Pear, Lemon and Green Apple

Trebbiano is a white grape varietal that comes from the south of Italy, specifically from Abruzzo. It has been planted here for many hundreds of years, and still till this day Abruzzo is the home to majority of Trebbiano plantings in Italy. Trebbiano d’Abruzzo is the leading DOC region for the grape varietal of the same name. In total there is a mere 418ha of Trebbiano across Italy. There are only a few vines of Trebbiano spread across the world, after Italy, in the USA.

Trebbiano produces wines that are high in acidity and medium in body. The wines will typically hold aromas of freshly squeezed lime juice, green apples, pears and lemon pith. Riper examples give off flavours of green mango and peach.

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