Classic aromas of Trepat are Strawberry, Raspberry, Red Plum and Cinammon


Trepat is a light-pigmented red grape varietal from the region of Conca de Barbera in northeast Spain. It is used, almost exclusively, in the production of rose wines in the small region of Conca de Barbera as well as in Costers del Segre both in northeast Spain. There are currently a mere 953ha of Trepat found within Spain, all of which is found in the above regions.

Trepat is also one of the few red grapes allowed in the production of rose Cava. Grenache and Pinot Noir are also allowed to be used but if Trepat is used it must be 100% varietal. The best examples of Trepat Cavas are from Agusti Torello Mata - Spain's leading quality Cava house.

Trepat produces wines that have pure strawberry, raspberry and red plum aromatics. It has medium-high acidity and a medium body. As it opens up it tends to give a slightly spicy note akin to clove and cinnamon. 


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