Classic aromas of Verdejo are: Grapefruit, Lemon, White Peach and Almonds


Verdejo is a white grape varietal that has long been able to call Spain it’s home. It was, and still is, most important in the region of Rueda in the central-north of Spain where it makes up practically all white and sparkling wines.

It is now the fifth most planted white grape varietal in all of Spain compromising a total of 11,352 ha across the country.

In Verdejo’s home of Rueda it is allowed to be blended up to 50% with Sauvignon Blanc though many traditionalists will often produce a pure-Verdejo wine. When they do it produces wines that are highly aromatic with strong aromas of white stonefruits and almonds. It has a full body and high acidity – this acidity helps to make long lived examples.

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