Classic aromas of Verduzzo are: Orange, Apricots, Grapefruit Pith and Yellow Peaches


Legally the full name of this fascinating white grape varietal is Verduzzo Friulano. This is to do with its historical placement in the Friuli region of northern Italy. Verduzzo is one of the oldest and most prestigious white grapes in Italy’s long vinous history. In fact, the earliest mention of the grape was in 1409 when it was served at a banquet honouring Pope Gregory XII.

Over time Verduzzo has lost some prestige and international recognition which is leading to the gradual decline of acreage across Italy. There is still 1,658 hectares across Italy as of late 2000 with the fair majority in the greater Friuli region. Verduzzo deserves a lot more recognition than it does purely due to the diversity of styles that it can create, from bone-dry to seductively sweet to charming and elegant sparkling wines.

When Verduzzo is made in to a sparkling or still dry wine it has a range of fresh aromas with golden queen peaches, apricot, grapefruit pith and tangerine zest topping the list. Sweeter versions, made in a passito style, will have similar aromatics but will also showcase some subtle herbal and cedar notes. All examples age fairly well where they start to produce fantastic honey, baking spices, and candied citrus aromatics.


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