Classic aromas of Xarel-lo are Lime, Green Pear, Green Apple and Lemon


Xarel-lo is a high quality white grape varietal from northern Spain. It was first mentioned in the Penedes, the region it still is found in, in 1785 - so fairly young by Spain's standards. 

Xarel-lo is very well respected by vignerons in Catalunya due to its propensity for long ageing and its powerful intensity of aromatics. It has a high acidity and striking aromatics which makes it a very important tool in a winemaker's kit, as well as making it an important grape in the Cava blend. In Cava, it is revered for its acidity, freshness and texture which it gives to the blend. It also produces table white wines where it is either single varietal or blended in with Grenache Blanc, Macabeo or Chardonnay.

Xarel-lo gives aromas of green pear, green apple, lemon and lime. With age it will often develop notes of apple pie, christmas cake and candied citrus peel. It has a high acidity and an incredible lightness to it.


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