Elisabetta Foradori - 'Lezer' Teroldego 2019

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  • Elisabetta Foradori - 'Lezer' Teroldego 2019

Elisabetta Foradori - 'Lezer' Teroldego 2019

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Trento - Italy



"Wow! I just love this wine far too much. It is one of those wines that make you want to just do a Cleopatra and bathe in it. It is fun, light, juicy and just perfect in every way. The tannins are soft and literally melt in your mouth. The aromatics are bright with lovely red fruit and red floral notes - especially this raspberry and cherry blossom note that rises above the plum pie note that makes up the base of this drop. A definite summer drop!"

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Medium-bodied Reds are best suited to richer foods that have a bite to them.

They are perfect accompanied by:

Roasted Vegetables

Hard Cheeses

Red Meat

Spiced Foods e.g. Indian Curries

Cured Meats