Fongoli - 'Rossofongoli' Umbria Rosso 2016

  • Fongoli - 'Rossofongoli' Umbria Rosso 2016

Fongoli - 'Rossofongoli' Umbria Rosso 2016


 Umbria - Italy


 Sangiovese (60%) and Montepulciano (40%)

"Though it is almost 50/50 in the blend it almost, on the nose, feels just like a single varietal Sangiovese. Loads of black cherry, tobacco leaf, black plum and dried red currants on the nose with just a touch of damson - that Montepulciano influence. The palate has a firm tannic structure but a real ripe and juicy feel to it. Will hold in the cellar for a few years yet thanks to the acidity and tannic structures."

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Dry Whites are very versatile and are best suited to foods that are higher in acidity (vinaigrettes etc.) or in fat – the natural acidity in the wines will cut through the foods.

They are perfect accompanied by:

Fresh and Roasted Vegetables

Starch-rich foods

Fish and Shellfish