MAD - Late Harvest Furmint 2016 (375mL)

  • MAD - Late Harvest Furmint 2016 (375mL)

MAD - Late Harvest Furmint 2016 (375mL)


 Tokaji - Hungary

Sweet - Late Harvest


"Oh goodness what a wine this is. It has got warming baked citrus and baking spices on the nose intermingling with caramelised puff pastry and freshly made orange marmalade. Lovely palate with just enough sweetness to really tickle the cockles of your heart but not too much that it becomes cloying in anyway. A truly delicious gem that proves that Tokaji is the heart of top quality sweet wine production!"

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Sweet wines are surprisingly versatile when it comes to food pairing.

They are perfect accompanied by:

Soft and Blue Cheeses

Starch-rich foods

Cured Meats – less spiced

Foie Gras