Classic aroma of Aglianico include: Black Plum, Blackberry, Coffee, Chocolate and Black Currant


Aglianico is a red grape from Italy. It is the grape variety behind the wines from Taurasi DOCG and Aglianico del Vulture DOC in the south of Italy in the regions of Campania and Basilicata, respectively.

As a grape variety, Aglianico has a long tradition with Italian winemaking practises. It is though by many that it was in fact the grape responsible for making the ‘original’ Holy wine of Rome.

It is mostly grown in warm, dry and mountainous conditions. This allows for a long ripening season which gives the resulting wines rich and complex flavours.

Aglianico gives wines that are deep in colour, high in acidity with fine-grained tannins. The traditional flavour profile encapsulates dark berry fruit flavours; blackberry, prunes, and smoky, meaty flavours. With age these wines will soften out and start to show more spice, cocoa and coffee flavours as well as more dried fruit characteristics.

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