We work incredibly hard to ensure that our customers are looked after in every way possible. This includes everything from fast replies to customer questions to having a wide range of wines available to satisfy all types of tastes.

Please find below a range of our favourite reviews that have been placed on wines that we sell or sent to us to our email. They are in no particular order.


Been searching for this for a while - thanks for the recommendation/heads up Connal. Just wonderful to enjoy this over the weekend with my wife. Always delicious and great service! - Jono, Product Review, 20/07/20
Was recommended Connal to do a private group tasting for a corporate team building activity and we all had such a blast. We'll easily be getting him back. Not only were the wines delicious but he is such a character with a big smile filled with knowledge and passion for wine and educating people about wine. Lovely experience and can't recommend him or his online wine shop (which I now have on my favourites tab :p ) Lianne Hagley, Email, 17/10/17
I have got in to the habit of buying this wine by the 6-pack now as my partner and I go through it so quickly, especially when friends are around! It is a real crowd pleaser that isn't too heavy or too light. Thanks for the recommendation Connal!! :) - Sarah Thompson, Product Review, 17/03/18 
I was recommended Connal as a presenter for a wine tasting so I contacted him/The Cellar to get a corporate wine tasting event sorted out. He was so helpful in organising it all and helped with everything from the wines, the budget, organising enough glassware and even did the food. He went above and beyond and then he turned up to the event and just blew us all away. His knowledge and enthusiasm is incredible but it was his relaxed nature that put us all at ease. It was his starting line to the whole presentation that caught us all by surprise and put us all at ease: "Many of you are aware of how much wank there is associated with wine tastings like this, I am here to tell you that I am not a wanker. I am here to have fun and to guide you on your wine journey. No question is too stupid or silly, you are all professional lawyers so how can you be expected to know everything about wine? I am not here to shame you but to open your eyes. Calm down everybody, grab some cheese, pick up your glass and let's have some fun exploring the world of wine. His candidness caught us by surprise but we've had him back six times since and our clients love him. Can not recommend him enough! - Jennifer B, Email, 02/03/20
This has got to be one of the most serious and interesting white wines I have ever had! So good and everyone enjoyed it equally last night at my dinner. Thanks The Cellar team for the recommendation! - Margaret T, Product Review, 01/07/17
Blown away by the incredible selection and prompt delivery. So nice to finally see some helpful information on wines - really helped me choose. - Michele Duggan, 5-Star Google Review, 10/09/16
I reached out to The Cellar for the first time on a whim as I wanted to get a private wine tasting arranged for my friends 40th birthday party. Within an hour or two I got a quick reply with plenty of information and within a couple of days Connal had gone ahead and organised the wines to my budget, which he also helped me work on to determine what was appropriate. Then a few weeks later when it was actually time for the tasting he was early to set up, incredibly professional during the whole tasting and was just helpful and personable. The thing that struck myself and all of my friends was that he was so comfortable and confident with his knowledge, we would throw questions at him and he'd always put us at ease saying that no question is silly or stupid and he'd sit with us explaining in detail about how things are or why they taste that way. It meant that the tasting was an extra hour than anticipated but nobody complained as it was just an enjoyable event all the way through. I've since used and recommended Connal, and The Cellar, to many friends who have now all got their own Connal tasting stories to tell. - Karen Brimble, Email, 11/10/18
I was one of the first customer that The Cellar ever had back in August 2016, I had no idea at the time but was given a long thank you note and a couple of bars of craft chocolate to say how thankful Connal was. He'd only put the website up a couple of days beforehand so he was thrilled and honestly so was I as I'd been searching for decent natural wines for years and then out of nowhere I was searching for them and up pops The Cellar Store. I've been a loyal customer ever since and Connal's recommendations are always perfect. I think it is because he takes the time to get to know me and listen to what I am looking for. - Jim, Email, 19/02/19
Yay thank you so much The Cellar!! - Jacqui C, Product Review, 04/08/17
I've long been impressed with how quickly Connal responds to my email requests for wine recommendations. He has often organised me wine cases gifts for clients where I have given him very special requests and he's always gone above and beyond. The fact that he does all of this and still gives me a little discount just to thank me for my loyalty and orders shows how much of a good guy he is. I've been a loyal customer since 2016 and will be for many more years to come. - Jon Wheatley, Email, 14/05/20
A decent wine that I've had a few times now and it never disappoints! Been a big fan since Connal first recommended it to me in an email a couple of years ago. Never been disappointed with a rec since! - Florent Samain, Product Review, 20/07/20
I have been getting a monthly case of wine from Connal (he does all the picking for me which is just wonderful) and whilst I have loved pretty much every single wine that I am surprised with it was this wine that just stood out like crazy. It is filled with so much character that it was hard to believe (maybe my palate is getting better?) but it really was very tasty. Can't recommend this wine and this website out enough - great job again Connal!Anne, Product Review, 12/06/18
I have a few friends in the wine trade who suggested, on my inquiry with them recently, about someone to organise private wine tasting at they all pointed right to Connal. I can see why as not is he one of the most personable people I've ever met in any field but he's just on to it when it comes with organising and delivering. He knew the answers to questions I hadn't even got to when organising which was so easy for me as it was all quite last minute. The tasting he just smashed though and everyone loved it. He seems very humble and when we asked where we could buy the wines he shyly said that it could be done through his website but we had to get the info out of him. It seems like he really just enjoyed doing these tastings and didn't care for the business side of it all which was really nice. He ended up staying for pizza and wine afterwards which was also very nice - Rebecca Parsons, Email, 09/05/17
I've heard so much about this wine and how good it is. Very traditional in style but what a wine to finally try, so glad that The Cellar has it. Can I just go on the record and say how happy I am that The Cellar exists as it has one of the best selections of wines but also gets wines in for you easy as that if you ask plus Connal, the owner, will talk your socks off with recommendations or general insight. He seems like a really good guy and all recommendations have been top notch. Back to the wine, this blew me away on my birthday (a gift from my wife on Connal's recommendation!!). Loaded with complex aromatics and you can tell its got a long life ahead of it but it was just a treat to try it now with 13 years on it. Incredible experience all around!Jamie, Product Review, 18/06/20