Classic aromas of Albarino are: Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Green Apple, Apricot and Yellow Peach


Albarino is a white grape originally from North-Eastern Spain, Galicia. Across the border in Portugal it has a long history making up the wines of Vinho Verde, though here it is spelt Alvarinho.

Over the last decade, Albarino has grown in popularity and plantings around the world. It is a grape that is best suited to warm, dry climates that allow for the plethora of tropical flavours to develop. As a result Albarino is now planted in commercial quantities in California, Washington, Oregon, Australia and New Zealand.

The key feature of Albarino is its reasonably high acidity, making it the perfect dry white wine to drink in the heat. Most examples of Albarino, whether Vinho Verde, or further afield, the majority of wines are made to be drunk young – utilising the ever important refreshing acidity factor. Though some producers around Rias Baixas DO in Spain, and throughout California, are creating age-worthy examples with the aid of oak maturation. This gives more structure capable of longer ageing.

Albarino gives wines that are light in colour and medium-high in acidity. The key aromas are dominated by citrus and white florals. Leaner examples will give more orange, grapefruit and lemon citrus aromas alongside floral aromas of acacia blossom, honeysuckle and linden flower. Producers that make oak-aged examples, and wines produced in particularly hot climates, have more tropical and stonefruit development in flavour. These wines have apricot, peach and green apple flavours.

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