Classic aromas of Arinto are: Green Apple, Lemon, White Peach and Nectarines, and Limes


Arinto, with its full name being: Arinto de Bucelas, is a white varietal that hails from the north of Portugal. It has quite a long heritage in this region, which is still the main region for it, being first mentioned as early as 1712. It was mentioned in the first viticultural treatise of Portugal and is officially one of the oldest varieties in Portugal. 

Arinto is known largely for its retention of high acidity though being planted in fairly warm climates - this factor makes it a hit with winemakers in the region. Arinto is largely known for its contribution to the fresh and bright white wines of the Vinho Verde in the larger region of Minho in the very north of Portugal. Here it is blended with Louriero and Trajadura. 

Arinto produces wines that are crisp, high in acidity and lower in alcohol and body. They a have a freshness aspect to them often attributed to both the high acidity and the plethora of citrus flavours it has. Lemon, lime and green apple are common aromas to Arinto. The very best examples of Arinto will have a minerality streak running through them - ie aromas of crushed rocks and shells.


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